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thru-hiker // backpacker // & you can, too!

Hey, y'all! My name is Madelyn, and as the name would suggest, I like to meander. To meander is to wander aimlessly, and while I try my best to aim, I didn't get the trail name of "Wrong Way" for no reason. I set pretty clear goals for myself, but I've been known to get lost (literally and metaphorically) along the way a time or two. As a whole, I'd describe myself as an environmentalist, and I find traveling to be an important way to develop relationships with the planet and her people.


Although I now live in Colorado, I'm a Midwesterner at heart; I say things like "ope" and "sorry" a lot, I'm too competitive about euchre, and we're not likely to be friends if you don't like Skyline Chili. I created this blog to document my Appalachian Trail thru-hike, and through that journey, I was able to combine my passions of backpacking and writing. This blog continues to serve those passions as I take on new adventures.

I didn't do much hiking until the end of college. My first backpacking trip was after I graduated from undergrad. In fact, most of the things I love now, I didn't begin until adulthood. I strive to demonstrate that it's not too late to find new passions; just because I didn't grow up in these spaces does not mean that I don't belong here now!

Want to see more about my travels and how you can get started in your own? Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram @madelyn_meanders!

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