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Colorado Trail: Last Day (For Now)

Yesterday, July 22nd, was not intended to be my last day.

I don't want to get super into it, but last night after dinner, I started feeling incredibly unwell. I knew it wasn't normal, so I called my mom, and she advised me to go to the emergency room. I called another medical professional for a second opinion, and she recommended the same.

I'm so glad that I was in a town. I'm so glad that I was staying at a hostel. I'm so glad that the owner - whose name, coincidentally, is Lucky - knows how this small town operates and was able to arrange for the local medical center to take me in late and ambulance me to a bigger town with more medical infrastructure.

It makes me really nervous to think of what could have happened if I were on a trail however many miles away from town, potentially without service...

I don't really want to get into it, but after running a bunch of tests late into the night, I had a few surgical procedures, so obviously I'm not able to get back on trail.

People keep saying I can go back and do the remaining 130 miles another time. And they're right. But it's just not the same as a thruhike... It'll just be a section hike. I'm no purist, but I'm sure as hell a completionist, and today, I've been a lot more upset about having to get off trail than whatever medical complications there have been.

After being discharged from Montrose, Mitch drove me back to Lake City so I could say bye to the hikers I abruptly left last night. One of them, One Eye, has dealt with his fair share of adversity, and told me there was a difference between stopping and quitting, and I'm not quitting. Still feels bad, though...

Anyway, when I do go back and do those miles, I'll keep y'all updated. But for now, I guess it's time for a break. Thanks for following my journey.


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