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Continental Divide Trail: An Unfortunate and Incomplete Update

It's not hip flexor tendonitis.

It's a stress fracture in my femoral neck.

I have at least 2 full months before I can even look at my backpack, and that's optimistic.

I don't think there's anything I could have done differently on trail to change the outcome; I think I was just incredibly unlucky. I can't tell if that makes me feel better or not. On the one hand, it relieves some of the feeling that I did something wrong. There's a lot of shame surrounding injury on trail, entirely self-imposed. It's impossible to not feel like a failure. On the other hand, though, knowing that it was just unlucky makes me incredibly nervous. If it wasn't my fault, what can I do differently to prevent it from happening next time?

Anyway, see y'all in 2025, for next time.


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